We don’t care toilet sign

Some may have thought about this since the unisex toilets in Ally McBeal, but the issue is more serious than a firm of lawyers having affairs in the toilets. With the gender signs in the toilets we are shaping the accepted genders for the society. This could be really dramatic issue for transgender children, so I got really interested by this movement to remove completely the toilet sign (as done in an Icelandic school) or to create a new sign that could unite all the genders in one. Here some of options that are starting to be used.




Because, who cares?


2 thoughts on “We don’t care toilet sign

  1. I’m concerned about the implications of these signs. Either, it considers disability a gender identity, or considers disabled people lacking gender itself. It’s quite dehumanising.

    • I think the disabled people sign is included in some of these signs because there is just one toilet and it is adapted for disabled people, so they know they can use it, but not as a gender. Indeed there was never a male / female disabled toilet sign 🙂

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