90 – Do not feed hallucinogens to the alligators


Thanks to Herr Marco and Mr. Isra who both sent me this funny sign image!

But… I have to say it is photoshopped. I also thought it was real, because we all want this sign to be real, right? it’s great! But when trying to know where it was found geographically I’ve got to this post in Reddit that says it is a fake.

This would explain why it was found in Font Police, where they explain how the fonts are wrongly used. They make no comment at all about the hallucinogens and the alligator combination, which for a Font Police officer is something completely normal, I guess.

Anyway, here there is (what I think) is the real version of the sign, and with a really correct use of the fonts too. Also not a bad one! 🙂

If somebody goes to the Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge in Southwest Louisiana will be able to confirm us if it really exists.


13 thoughts on “90 – Do not feed hallucinogens to the alligators

  1. There’s a possibility this could be real. Tourists may often feed hallucinogens to the alligators,or something weirder.
    That,and there are confirmed alligator warning signs that are much weirder than this(One showed someone in a wheelchair going into the alligator’s mouth).

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